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Out Into The Wilderness

In the four months since I first got sent Cemeteries‘ beautiful album The Wilderness, the high-praising reviews have slowly but surely skyrocketed him to underground stardom. Yes, he’s still Buffalo’s best-kept goth-dream-pop secret and the mention of him outside certain circles still raises eyebrows, but this probably won’t last long. Cemeteries has recently released the […]

Trick or Treat: Halloween vinyl giveaway

A couple of months ago, I wrote a love-gushing, fangirl-like review on Cemeteries‘ beautiful album The Wilderness, which unsuspectingly became one of my very favorite releases of the year because of its eerie atmosphere, heavy with musical influences between shoegaze and 80′s new wave. Prior to yesterday’s album release on Sacramento-based Lefse Records, the following […]

Buffalo’s real Wilderness

I seem to find it most difficult to write about an album when I like it very much, as if no paragraph could equal the emotions triggered by certain sounds. In a desperate attempt to do it right and make sense, phrases are rewritten, influences are infinitely googled, my music library is assaulted in a […]