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About Today.

Some things end in the weirdest way, with no warning signs and nothing that really falls apart; like slipping out of your own skin, looking at someone’s back fading into the distance, and somehow knowing it’s over. And once the years pass and accidentally you see that person again, you realise it couldn’t really have […]

Best of 2010

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. I shall jump on the choochoo-blogger-train of end of year lists, and make a couple myself… The year was full of amazing shows, of great releases, of awesome collaborations and of wonderfully long days spent with one artist after the other. After days of changing my mind […]

Secret Meeting with the National

In American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis tells the story of a young and rich businessman and of his daily (and nightly) life in Manhattan; His being exhaustively methodical leads to the novel being abundant with adjectives, lists, and descriptions. Patrick Bateman could, for all we know, be one of the unnamed characters in The National‘s […]

the National: vorfreude.

remember how excited I got about Walter Schreifels playing in Vienna a couple of months ago? Yeah, that’s roughly how I feel about seeing the National live tonight (Walter is still my idol though and I still want to marry him, which is not quite true of Matt as he looks a little like a […]