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Nostalgia Beach: A bitter summer mix

This month’s theme for the monthly mixtape was very open to interpretations and offered a lot of possibilities. We had to pick a photograph we liked from the public flickr stream and base our theme on what the photo reminded us of. I have to admit I refreshed the page many times until I had […]

(creative) things to do on a Sunday

When I was, oh, a teenager, I used to hate sundays. (in fact I still do, a tiny bit) Reason for it was that I used to sit at home doing nothing and by the time I’d get motivated enough, the day would be pretty much gone. (ok, let’s not lie. this still happens..) So […]

Leap Years

This month’s (or rather, last month’s – I am a bit late with my submission this time…) Monthly Mixtape theme was related to “Years”. Each song should be from a different year, with bonus points if these are consecutive years. There could be any variations on the theme as wanted, which made it pretty difficult […]

Back to the Future: The Inheritance Mix

As I have already mentioned here, I joined a pretty effin’ awesome group on last.fm in January. It’s called The Monthly Mixtape and the concept is to make a themed mixtape every month (no, really?) The theme for February was Inheritance – basically, putting together a mix of songs that have been inherited from our […]