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Seeing horses on the asphalt

I could start my introduction by saying that I am a cheater sometimes and, though I try to limit myself to one video a day, in some cases I can’t get around to posting less than two; or I could tell you about my absolute despair in finding out that I wouldn’t be part of […]

Winter and Snowflakes

It’s still winter, and it still snows.

2009: Lists

With an approaching January 1st, the bloggers of the world are all busy making lists of the best records of the year, best records of the decade, best gigs of 2009.. having just gotten back from a semi-holiday (it was mostly visiting family and emptying an apartment, with lots of reading in between) I have […]

Sjur Lyseid/The Little Hands of Asphalt: Interview

I suppose that if you are an avid reader of my blog (don’t have to be but, you know..) you might have seen me mention Sjur Lyseid once in a while. This boy from Norway doesn’t need an introduction, his music speaks for him. In fact, why don’t you go listen to some right now? […]