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2009: Lists

With an approaching January 1st, the bloggers of the world are all busy making lists of the best records of the year, best records of the decade, best gigs of 2009.. having just gotten back from a semi-holiday (it was mostly visiting family and emptying an apartment, with lots of reading in between) I have […]

The Briggs @ Estragon

I finally got around to looking through some of the gig photos from my Italy trip. The night we got to Bologna, The Briggs and the Get Up Kids were playing at Estragon, a venue inside the Fair and a 5 minute walk from our camping site. I got to bring my camera in which […]

something to write home about

.. is the Get Up Kids row of concerts this summer. I am going to two (2!) of them. It’s quite exciting. we’re going on a massive road trip; in fact, leaving time is set in 9 hours. wonderful! I thought I’d have time to update everyone on our graffiti session on the weekend, but […]

disposable memories

I came across this a few weeks ago. How very lovely, I say. If you are into photography and participating in these global projects, I recommend you take a look at their website. It reminds me a bit of the 1000 journals project. (I wonder if that still exists, actually..) I think I might make […]