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Korea, I Suppose

Well hello, 2012! I’ve been back from China for a little while now, where I had to battle a mean cold, strange looks in the subway for not looking Asian, and my inability to communicate. But rejoice world, for I am back on the blog with a million thoughts and news, some good new year’s […]

Bellman: Interview

With the release of his first album as well as his shows at Norway’s By:Larm, Larvik-based pop outfit Bellman has already made himself a bit of a name in the Scandinavian indie scene. His second album is due for release this week in the UK – mixing various influences and spreading itself across a variety […]

Bellman, move fast! (Spaceship, move slow)

It’s yet another sunny day, and I’ve been stressing and obsessing over this afternoon’s phone interview with Arne (also known as Bellman) who is currently in London with his brother and pianist to do a couple of one-off acoustic shows to slowly start promoting his new album (coming out in the UK on July 4th). […]