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day 30; my favorite song at this time last year

Well, here we are. August is just around the corner, and today the 30 day song challenge is ending. A little sad, because it was giving me an excuse to blog (almost) every day (also known as: procrastinate). But who knows, maybe I’ll find another song-related blogging challenge to waste my days.. At this time […]

and we will fall back into the ocean

Moving Mountains are a quartet from New York who make some really really great intense post-rock. At times the voice is very similar to Christopher Crisci‘s (the Appleseed Cast vocalist) and their debut Pneuma is a conceptual album that mixes instrumental numbers to epic, emotional songs where the lyrics tangle into each other. They’ve also […]

Leap Years

This month’s (or rather, last month’s – I am a bit late with my submission this time…) Monthly Mixtape theme was related to “Years”. Each song should be from a different year, with bonus points if these are consecutive years. There could be any variations on the theme as wanted, which made it pretty difficult […]

girl’s favorite songs of the month (february)

first part of what I hope will be a regular monthly post on this blog. The Appleseed Cast: Fight Song (post-rock; this gorgeous song feels like it was written for the minutes that come before a storm. It makes me want to jump off a cliff – in a good way – just to feel […]