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Come as you are, little imaginary hawk.

Chances are you’ll have heard of this band in one way or the other. When I came across the super-sweet love song Boats and Birds for the very first time, it was because of a cover by The Age of Rockets that opened up for me a whole world of New Yorkers that knew each […]

When your name spells emergency

There’s always a little space in my heart for Jenny Owen Youngs. She was first discovered when I fell in love with the Age of Rockets & the Robot Explosion – who did an amazing cover of Total Eclipse of the Heart by the way, which is not to be found anywhere.. This said, I […]

the best things in life are free

..well, not necessarily. But some are; and maybe with the arrival of summer, everyone is in a better mood, friendlier, nicer, and more generous. I know for sure that a couple of people (Jónsi, the Saddest Landscape, Lazy Acre Records, the Age of Rockets) are. Here’s a couple of links to a bunch of music-related […]

One Giant Leap for Mankind

Everybody’s been talking about it today, obviously. The Apollo 11 landing on the moon turns 40 years old! Let’s celebrate with a little playlist – songs will be up as soon as I’m back home safely from Norway. Air: Le Voyage de Pénélope Asobi Seksu: Walk on the Moon Her Space Holiday: The Astronauts are […]