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Riots: video

The gorgeous and quiet Uno Møller has recently released his new album Silent Riots, which you can get a hold of on Amazon (among other places). He was on tour with partners in crime Team Me in the last month, doing shows in New York City, at SXSW and at various other locations scattered across […]

Video of the Week #51

I’ve already talked about Team Me way too much; their long-awaited EP is a dream and got amazing reviews from bloggers and newspapers and magazines. Just the thought that I got to know these kids almost by chance years ago fills my heart with joy. This new video, released last week and once again done […]

Video of the Week #44

Any time I hear anything about Team Me, my heart goes a little crazy. They’ll be on tour with the Wombats shortly and just played a couple of shows in the UK with British Sea Power – life could be worse. And the thought that I’ve witnessed some of these kids before all of this […]

Hatching eggs: An Apparatet special

This video is quite lovely and makes me miss being a child. Sometimes I wish my childhood had been more full of adventures and made-up stories, but apart from the occasional climbing on trees and singing songs to myself, I was quite the boring child. looks like the eggs are ready hatched nowand like you […]