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Symphonies and Impala

A couple of days ago, I got an email with a link to a new video directed by Frederick Lloyd; I was going to dig into it with my eyes closed, being a big fan of his work, but didn’t quite have the time to until yesterday morning – my head still thumping from the […]

I’ll put the anchor down.

A beautiful, 5-minute-long instrumental is how this record ends. Imagine it being a road; at every turn a hesitant voice is expected. Trouble Books‘ Mike Tolan keeps you gripping the wheel, eyes fixed on the patch of narrow mountainous way that extends ahead of you. Nothing ever comes; and yet, you want it to never […]

We Ruined His Birthday With An Invisible Balloon

Big Scary Monsters and Alcopop! have teamed up to put together a BRILLIANT sampler, available as a pay-as-you-like download or as a (limited edition) cd with handmade cover available for half-price when bought with any other item – basically a way to put something for yourself under the tree when doing online vinyl Christmas shopping, […]

Talons will destroy you

Often at concerts, I wonder how certain acts came to tour/do gigs together. On badly booked nights, you’ll have an opener that seems to have been picked out of a hat at random – a band that will not appeal, maybe, to the majority of the audience. Talons and This Will Destroy You are two […]