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Video of the Week #55

Three weekends ago was the weekend of the Viennese Open-Air City Festival Popfest: Four days filled with local bands, beer, (early) breakfasts, and sunshine sunshine sunshine. This week’s (stop-motion) video was made by Mister Christian S, whose photography you can admire here.

Video Of the Week #53

The weekend was long, short, delightful, loud, and exhausting. There’s much to remember it by and much to write about it, but for now I’ll leave you with a beautiful video of one of my favorite local musicians. Happy Monday!

Sweet Sweet Song

Believe it or not, summer is slowly making its way into our lives – even though, as I’m typing, dirty grey clouds are moving fast above my head: the aftermath of a sunny and warm Easter weekend. Matthias Frey well knows this and has chosen the right moment to release his brand new song Smoke […]

Vampires in a devil town

On April 1st, with littleliongirl as a partner in crime (and exhaustion, judging by how the rings under her eyes were at least as deep as mine), I headed to Roter Bogen, a tiny venue I’d never been to before crammed between rhiz and chelsea, to see for the millionth time Sweet Sweet Moon play […]