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Video of the Week #55

Three weekends ago was the weekend of the Viennese Open-Air City Festival Popfest: Four days filled with local bands, beer, (early) breakfasts, and sunshine sunshine sunshine. This week’s (stop-motion) video was made by Mister Christian S, whose photography you can admire here.

Video of the Week #33

This is art, and it’s beauty, and it’s love. This little story, simply told with images, warms my heart.  

Video of the Week #20

The lovely Toph Taylor is releasing under his moniker Trouble Over Tokyo his album in a month; he will be playing a special show (with strings!) at the Radiokulturhaus this sunday, and the only way to get tickets is by winning them (here). I had some time on my hands today (or rather, I felt […]

Video of the Week #8

As I’ve mentioned countless times, I have approximately a million talented friends in / from Norway. At some point I got introduced to Marius from Jaqueline / Team Me / and god knows how many other bands, and we got a little tipsy and talked a lot about music (in fact, he reminded me of […]