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Video of the Week #56

It’s that time of the week again! And after a wild and sleepy weekend involving a spontaneous roadtrip to the middle of nowhere to see some bands, I’m looking forward to (hopefully) seeing Boy Omega live once again tonight. Apart from the fact that he has a lovely voice, he also makes my heart very […]

Video of the Week #52

It’s already been a year since I started running the weekly video ‘feature’; I was going to celebrate by posting a special video and then realised there are way too many, from the gorgeous shots of lovely filmmakers to songs that mean a lot to me. So instead, here’s the official video to Comet, taken […]

Crafty Christmas: Star Ornaments

So yesterday in the afternoon I took a couple of hours off my to-do lists to stare outside (it’s snowing) and decided to make some more Christmas cards because time goes by way too quickly, and at some point I’ll be doing a WHOLE lot of card-sending.. better sooner than later. I also found it […]

Sailing With Hats

Since end of December, when we agreed we’d be working on an Uno Møller release, Ben, Uno and I have been sending messages and emails and drafts and lists and drawings and sketches and scans and others back and forth wildly. The first finished product is, as I’ve already tweeted and blogged about, available for […]