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Grow Up With Me

It’s been (more or less) exactly a year since I got back from Finland, since my 6-month poetry workshop, since I fell in love with my typewriter again. When I was a child, apart from an astronaut, I wanted to be a poet; it was my biggest dream. So no wonder that when I first […]


I remember visiting a Navajo Indian Reserve as a child. I couldn’t have been older than 10 or 11, and for the first time, I saw what they call a “dream-catcher”. I didn’t understand the English word in fact, though it had a certain flow that the same word, translated into my mother tongue (something […]

Creepy Christmas

Certain days can bring the best to you, unexpected, out of the blue. I’m very glad to announce that the wonderful Heinali and Matt Finney have signed to Paradigms Recordings, which only by looking at their Best of 2010 list (Zola Jesus, Crystal Castles, Celeste, Silje Nes) seems like a very fitting collaborator for the […]

Post no Dreams: Preview

Before I get my head around the things I had/have to do this week (and didn’t obviously do, as I had an exploding head courtesy of THE FLU) I must have a little online fan swoon kind of thing for POST NO DREAMS. It’s the name of the new (and long-awaited by his only true […]