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what I thought were angels ended up being ambulances

Exactly at this time of the year last year, I got really into Manchester Orchestra. To be quite exact, it was around the time they were releasing a new album.. I remember sitting on the gallery floor (yes, this was during our exhibition) and listening to this on repeat. It took me a while to […]

Birds don’t whistle, they just sing

Oh, Spring is so lovely! It’s sunny out, people have awaken from their winter sleep, and I want to wear dresses all day, go to the park, and eat ice-cream, and listen to pretty, pretty spring music, like this bittersweet song. Which is what I will be doing this afternoon, with the sweetest little girl […]

I will feel the sun coming down.

you can be my friend you can be my dog you can be my life you can be my fog … I wish I had a horse’s head a tiger’s heart an apple bed Seriously, this song is so magnificent. I had forgotten just how intense and lovely it is. The depth of sadness it […]

Heart-Shaped Silhouettes are Fools

It’s one of these days again. A day where I am happily whistling away, doing my thing, and all of a sudden something hits my heart. I know, I know – that heart’s a fickle one, constantly falling into the trap of new crushes – HOWEVER, I believe I have every right to love this […]