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Lazy Acre Records: the 405 takeover

As a “sort of, yes, why not, kind-of-against-my-will-at-times-but-not-quite” collaborator of both Lazy Acre and the 405 (for whom I have written countless bad articles and shot approximately a million photos) I am truly excited about this takeover. The first couple of features are a Monzano interview (which you can read here) and a lovely session […]

Best of 2010

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. I shall jump on the choochoo-blogger-train of end of year lists, and make a couple myself… The year was full of amazing shows, of great releases, of awesome collaborations and of wonderfully long days spent with one artist after the other. After days of changing my mind […]

Hooray for to-do lists

The Brad Hamers interview is (to put it in Josh-from-Ghost-World’s words, not that I am a freak who knows the whole movie by heart or anything,…) “THIS close to being done”. Sadly I get home too exhausted at night to finish editing, and I’m on the run these days. Yesterday my stomach reached the peak […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Music #1

Because 2010 seems to be born under a lucky and musical star, I’ve thought up a few weeks ago of a feature I’d like to work on with bands from across the globe. Considering I could write about the music and records I enjoy listening to for hours, I figured a lot of musically-inclined people […]