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Lykke Li @ Stratos (By:Larm)

Stratos. A very glamorous venue, in a way, considering that it’s delegates only (good thing I am in the staff and have a blue, all-access pass) and that it’s on the top floor of a building right in the center from which you can have a panorama of the whole city at night. Most of […]

Hotel rooms and girls in comas

I’ve had a culture-full, almost work-free past few days. Starting with books (I am making good use of my library card and book suggestions from friends, though I grew up with the conviction that me, a bookstore, masses of time and judging a book by its cover are just as good as a book review).. […]

how real is this?

so, of course, you were supposed to call me tonight you were supposed to call me tonight we would have gone to the cinema and, after, to the restaurant, the one you like in your street we would have slept together, have a nice breakfast together and then a walk in a park together, how […]