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A Trojan Horse; filled with presents

Christmas (don’t worry, in a couple of days I’ll finally stop talking about it..) is filled with presents for everyone. The local chanson-punk band Das Trojanische Pferd are releasing a new EP today, which will be available for FREE for the next 7 days. Amazing, right? Other local bands, such as Paper Bird, Laokoon Gruppe, […]

Work Ant and Busy Bee: of magical shows and exploding schedules

These have been some busy days.. Working two jobs, all the extra, on-the-side unpaid stuff I do which is related to music and art AND, on top of everything else, university work – it’s a little exhausting. Also, I find it difficult to concentrate lately. My mind wanders. I’ve just finished designing a flyer for […]

Lambchop @ WUK

You know what’s terrible in summer? Tiny spaces filled with people. Just the thought of standing in a crowd when the thermometer goes above 25°C makes me go claustrophobic. The concert last night at WUK was different. Not only were most people in the audience mature enough to be respectful of one’s personal space, the […]