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Smile, Smile, Smile

Everyone who has met me will know the story by now: girl meets boy on a stage, falls in love with his music, and suggests they release something digitally. Fast forward to two years (and a lot of meetings) later and here it is. Smile, Stefan Galler‘s first digital single and a preview of the […]

Have you got the courage to try again?

Incredible but true – over a year after Luke Leighfield‘s album Have You Got Heart? came out, the title track is released as a single. Yes, a proper single, with a video and everything! The song is beautiful and inspirational as I’ve said about a million times; and this being available as of yesterday seems […]

My Funny Valentine

As a wild warrior fighting for Singles’ Rights every year on February Fourteenth, oblivious to melting heart-shaped chocolates and blooming flowers bought last minute in brightly-lit supermarkets that play over and over sugarcoated love songs, I am disappointed to prove that somewhere deep down I have a heart (that doesn’t simply beat for Walter Schreifels, […]

Music for Laundromats

Or, dryers sound better than a drum machine, and here’s why: last night was the official Robi Faustmann single release party. I surprisingly managed to drag myself to the ‘venue’ where it was taking place (a laundromat. yes, a LAUNDROMAT!); Christmas decorations were still hanging in the window display, plaster letters were scattered on the […]