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Hatching eggs: An Apparatet special

This video is quite lovely and makes me miss being a child. Sometimes I wish my childhood had been more full of adventures and made-up stories, but apart from the occasional climbing on trees and singing songs to myself, I was quite the boring child. looks like the eggs are ready hatched nowand like you […]

On SiNs and Satellites

I swiftly managed to avoid the Eurovision Song Contest this year, so I can proudly say that I had no idea what the winning song sounded like, until I heard SiN’s cover of it. It’s genius! You can hear it here. And while you’re at it, buy their debut album, which came out less than […]

Video of the Week #8

As I’ve mentioned countless times, I have approximately a million talented friends in / from Norway. At some point I got introduced to Marius from Jaqueline / Team Me / and god knows how many other bands, and we got a little tipsy and talked a lot about music (in fact, he reminded me of […]

Romantic Dinner For Three

this song always makes me very happy. I can’t wait until SiN release their debut album, because it sounds so good. Marius’ crazy ideas ALWAYS make me laugh! God I miss norway oh so gddmn much; I can’t wait for July to arrive. July, come soon! I would love to take all of them back […]