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Shout out Louds/Lykke Li/Professor Pez @ Hulen

Lykke Li and Professor Pez were opening. I really liked Professor Pez’ energy a lot on stage, especially the girl who was playing the trumpet, she was amazing. In comparison, Lykke Li was really awful – she had this complete and utter arrogance on stage, she seemed uninterested in her audience and just focused on […]

upcoming concerts in Bergen

…massive excitement, because of: The Lionheart Brothers (NOR) November 16th, Garage Shout Out Louds (SE) November 22nd, Hulen Sigh&Explode (NOR) / Infidels Forever (NOR) December 1st, Garage there’s also a few concerts I’ll be missing… because they are in Oslo and I’m too poor to travel there. it’s kind of sad.