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Video of the Week #63

Set in a world where robots and humans coexist, I’m Here is one of Spike Jonze‘s most beautiful and touching films. In it, he was able to portray very true and real feelings on screen, without falling into corniness – maybe because the characters are robots and so, though one identifies, the love story doesn’t […]

Video of the Week #28

Even if you don’t speak German, this will make sense to you. This short film sort of made me giggle, and it’s so much in Anna’s style and humor (Anna is the friend of mine who made it) that I smiled at the end.


This is an amazing video which makes my little geeky heart beat. whoa!


I don’t know if everyone has one time or the other wished for something out of the ordinary to happen to them. I surely have lost myself in the meanders of daydreaming about coincidences that become destiny.. fractions of seconds that determine one’s fate. I’m becoming a grown-up, but it’s still nice to dream. That’s […]