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A couple of weeks ago, I found myself at a show of super-emo local band Rika. I had not seen them play in what felt like forever, and for the first time in many months, during the show, I felt transported by the music, back to the 90′s, it hitting me right in the guts. […]

Buffalo’s real Wilderness

I seem to find it most difficult to write about an album when I like it very much, as if no paragraph could equal the emotions triggered by certain sounds. In a desperate attempt to do it right and make sense, phrases are rewritten, influences are infinitely googled, my music library is assaulted in a […]

Video of the Week #38

Last week, I introduced everyone to White Laces, a band from Richmond. Today, I’ve got a video fresh out of the hands of Lubec, a shoegaze-ey pop outfit who just released their new EP  last week and who’ll be out and about on tour with aforementioned White Laces in February. Lubec‘s music is loud, dirty, […]

Invisible Elephant, or the sound of the rain

Take some Haruki Murakami and a Rorschach test; add Sonic Youth and toy instruments; throw into a blender set on post-rock mode. What you’ll get is Invisible Elephant, a one-man psychedelic dream pop band from the UK. With summer slowly fading away and autumn approaching (hello rain), putting away twee-pop records and riding the shoegaze […]