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Angus and Julia Stone / Moddi @ Backstage Werk

Every time people ask me what moddi sounds like, I always answer, “scandinavian”. It might sound silly or ‘obvious’, but he sounds nordic, his music exhales ice cold vapor and, in the best of cases, a slightly denuded landscape, with a small hint of Garneau-like vocals and classical orchestral arrangements. In recordings, it’s intense and […]

Paper Bird @ Vorstadt

If you never liked (fairy)tales, you’ll be surprised at your change of heart and will want to grab the book of tales nearest to you after sitting for an hour surrounded by Paper Bird‘s music. I find myself most particularly thinking of Hans Christian Andersen‘s stories. How could one not see the connection with the […]

Sophia @ WUK

Does anyone remember when Oh My Love came out? I remember it very well, because it was around the time that the Aqualung song Strange and Beautiful (I’ll Put a Spell On You) was constantly on the radio. Oh My Love was Sophia‘s great breakthrough into the mainstream. For some reason I’d always thought that […]

Maximilian Hecker @ Szene

Maximilian Hecker was already in Vienna two months ago for a radio session at RadioKulturHaus. We got there too late though – so no chance, we didn’t get let in. He came on stage wearing a mask; when it came off, I admittedly liked his new bearded look. It gave off this seventies aura. I’ve […]