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With your heart in mind.

Just when I thought Justin Vernon couldn’t have surprised me anymore, comes along this jaw-dropping session he’s done together with Sean Carey, whose falsetto almost equals Justin’s legendary vocal performance. Among Steinways and tattoos, the beauty of this recording is in the sensibility and magnificence of the arrangements, in the fluctuating structure of its songs […]

About Today.

Some things end in the weirdest way, with no warning signs and nothing that really falls apart; like slipping out of your own skin, looking at someone’s back fading into the distance, and somehow knowing it’s over. And once the years pass and accidentally you see that person again, you realise it couldn’t really have […]

Underground Music

Funnily enough, one of my very first experiences with the Subway was in New York City. Even before I moved to Vienna and became a worshiper of public transport, I had a vague taste of signs pointing left and right, crowds of commuters, full of big-eyed wonder as I looked up at skyscrapers in the […]