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As the flashes blinded us, in the photobooth.

Side-tracking from my usual, stick-to-the-topic blogging… I found the photobooth again yesterday. I thought they’d removed it from its usual place for the winter, but they just placed it in the main courtyard of Museumsquartier. Hence: PHOTO-ATTACK. (I apologise in advance for this) Trivia of the day: Photobooth by Death Cab for Cutie was one […]

a couple of things that make me happy

  bird stencils button collections silly presents from my aunt being a little bit in love..   Happy Monday, everyone.

unknown pleasures

I am one day late, however: a love letter to Ian Curtis.

what we’ve left behind

..was/is my working title for this. When hung, the object sort of rotates on its axis. I really suck at building stuff like this. I don’t think I could be a carpenter in another life. Anyway, the final version should be shown in the dark, with a moving image of the skin snapshots being projected […]