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bleeding swans and crying fingers

There is a secret place we all call “Grandma’s House”; hidden among fields and forests in Eastern Norway, it’s a small white settlement that has become a base for some mysterious musical performances to the local youth. The darker, the better.. When I was first given the Twin Pines Mall demo, years ago, I remember […]

declaring war on nostalgia

Remember how much I adore the Saddest Landscape? Yeah, well, the boys are offering a free track from their upcoming album (which I have already pre-ordered, the thought of getting vinyl in the mail makes me bounce off walls.) – go get it.

Scarabeusdream: Out of Senses

Seeing scarabeusdream live is always an experience. Their music is intricate and interesting and they are very theatrical; at the same time the theatrics hardly come across as fake or overdone. Considering that donaukanaltreiben is a (free!) open air festival, I was very impressed with the light and sound; they put some of the actual […]