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Tiger Lou @ B72

There’s a Copeland album called Eat, Sleep, Repeat. If they were a post-rock art-band, they would turn it into a concept album with a lot of dreamy intense atmospheres and loops (see dredg), and it would perfectly express the mood of the last days, where eating and sleeping were luxury and not necessities and where […]

Scraps of Tape+Destroy, Munich @ fluc

I went to see Destroy, Munich and Scraps of Tape at fluc two nights ago. The first good thing about the show was that it was FREE. Free shows are hard to come by nowadays. Good ones are even harder. The second good thing was that I had heard about both bands but a) never […]

in-between things

The sun is SHINING. I’ve been getting up at 7AM the past three days, enjoying the skyline of this gorgeous city. starting work at 8am in my week off uni; getting things done, taking appointments and signing up for a first aid course and taking advantage of parks on my hours off. I feel my […]