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A kiss could have killed me.

If one of my most amazing (and useless) skills wasn’t to be able to cry on command, I’d use this instead. When I listen to it something in my stomach goes all funny. And it’s not just the terrible Norway memories, it’s also the way the voices melt into each other, and the line “this […]

girl’s favorite songs of the month (february)

first part of what I hope will be a regular monthly post on this blog. The Appleseed Cast: Fight Song (post-rock; this gorgeous song feels like it was written for the minutes that come before a storm. It makes me want to jump off a cliff – in a good way – just to feel […]

kiss the marble house

Little over a year ago, I heard one song by the Knife, didn’t like it so much and then hated the hype about this band, so I just dismissed them as electro-one-hit-wonders.. but I saw the video to Marble House not so long ago, and absolutely loved it. Since then, I can’t stop playing that […]