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A hymn to solitude

The band Olympic Swimmers, from Scotland, make a really nice, floaty, ethereal kind of dream pop. They’ve recently released their video for Knots, taken from their debut album No Flags Will Fly. As the setting of Knots developed and unfolded, I got thinking about my own childhood and ways in which I played by myself […]

Midget Gems

I don’t know why, but every time I enjoy a pop song I find myself puzzled and confused about it – as if pop music wasn’t mainly made to please. Lightguides, the new signing of Alcopop! Records hailing from Scotland, don’t make simple pop music, more like an easy, lovely blend of alternative indie pop […]

Hares versus Bears

There are a lot of great bands with animal names. Hell, even a lot of great tracks with animal names (songs by Mew and Walter Schreifels, by the Antlers and the Get Up Kids, by the Shins and Yo La Tengo). One of those is by the Glasgow-based band Dear Mountaineer: The Hare Versus the […]