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The North is calling.

In the last couple of years, Scandinavian artists have emerged in the European music scene, numerous as weeds in an abandoned garden, apparently with the sole purpose of showering us with heavily nostalgic tracks. In the case of Copenhagen-based Broken Twin, this is done in a very minimalistic fashion, with sparse and graceful piano melodies, […]

you gave up on me, darling.

It all started with a glitchy, lazy synth-pop tune: If the vocals weren’t so clear and  hazily beautiful – think my beloved Audrey – the Canadian-Norwegian duo Bow To Each Other probably wouldn’t have gotten away with such a cheesy-sounding track that has everything in its melody we learned to dislike from the worst of […]

You’re spot on.

“Es ist soweit”, is what an Austrian would say at this point. Something along the lines of, “it’s time”. After mentions of the SPOT festival in Århus and bands which were sushh-ed and kept secret until a couple of months ago, Spot on Denmark is taking place – for the second time – in Vienna, […]