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I’ll be idle in my ideals

I’m often moved by the simplest of things; sometimes it’s a specific word someone says, or the way in which it is said; a little smile or a movement of a hand. I do an awful lot of people watching, especially on subway commutes in half-empty trains, music turned down low so I can listen […]

you’d never call me baby, if you knew the truth.

Oh, the loveliness of Perfume Genius! It’s so bizarre to see he’s come so far since his debut, in fact, no, since before his debut, when he didn’t have a name or an album and people thought his music had been put out on the internet post-mortem. I love this song, it’s so heartbreaking. I […]

Ugly but Honest.

I’ve often wondered why people fear honesty so much; I have yet to meet someone who can embrace a painful truth. The problem with truths is that they can’t be undone. Whereas lies can be twisted, pulled apart and back together again, fading into greys, truths are often absolute, and being a person at the […]

On Perfect Love and Letting Go.

Slightly over a week ago, I was in a country I’d never been to before, spending more time with myself than I had in the last six months, with my eyes throwing themselves left and right, up and down, constantly, constantly moving to stare at all the beauty in the world. I wish I was […]