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I’ll put your broken pieces back together.

I might have mentioned somewhere somehow ages ago my inability to like Rocky Votolato‘s new album because it was an ‘easy’ album, with everything in the ‘right place’. Zero anger, little to no politics: few things were left from the punk attitude I so loved in him. But maybe the reason why I was able […]

like a kite that floats so effortlessly

November is almost coming to an end; November in Vienna usually means a far-away birthday to celebrate (my best friend’s), snow, and a lot of stress. After two eventful nights of Blue Bird Festival, a successful interview with Rocky Votolato, and a weekend that rushed past at the speed of light, I’m more tired that […]

Suicide Medicine

I am going to see Rocky Votolato tonight. I’m sort of excited because I love his music, and sort of nervous because I have an interview with him in like an hour. I am always feeling kind of awkward in social situations, I really don’t know why I’m even doing this! But anyway – this […]

Goodbye August!

(a little roundup of what I should have blogged about, but didn’t) 1; making plansAngus & Julia Stone are coming to Europe in November. The closest they will be to Vienna is Munich, and I’m very set on going. There just isn’t any other alternative. 2; new and old releasesMy mailbox, heart and ears were […]