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Summer Monday Daydreaming

Today I feel like a child again. It’s Monday morning, late, and yawning over a cup of coffee looking out of the window onto a gorgeous blue sky, I realise that today I have nowhere to be and that June, my least favorite month of the year, is almost coming to an end. And because […]


It seems like more and more bands can nowadays rely on the support of free and stream-able compilations from various sources who decide to feature them, to get a bit of exposure. Crash Avenue‘s bands might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I have myself found more than a few quite enjoyable to listen […]

day 18; a song that I wish I heard on the radio

After a blog post like this one, is there anything to add? Hearing my friends’ music on the radio is one of the best things ever. So maybe I’d go for one of Wintermare‘s songs; possibly Halfway to a Star or Untitled, which are some of my favorites.   It’s nice to know that I […]

Walter Schreifels & Atlantic/Pacific @ Szene

I get to Szene way too early and spot a slightly annoyed Walter unloading a couple of things from the van outside; trying hard to repress the fangirl in me, I pretend I don’t see him and walk on – into an empty venue, which in the following hour doesn’t get much more filled up. […]