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Video of the Week #63

Set in a world where robots and humans coexist, I’m Here is one of Spike Jonze‘s most beautiful and touching films. In it, he was able to portray very true and real feelings on screen, without falling into corniness – maybe because the characters are robots and so, though one identifies, the love story doesn’t […]

How To: take a nap under a tree in winter.

If there is one thing I slightly dislike about winter, it’s the fact that I can’t read my book in a park under a tree. And since I couldn’t quite wait until Spring to do that again, I decided to go wild in our living room. And since Nature is lovely, but we are also […]

Nintendocore Street-Action

Last month I went with the boys down to the river; we hung out under the bridge (it was raining a bit), brought paint, brushes, music, a dog, and did a street-art action. It was super fun! Lauri and Vanja both worked on Super Mario-inspired pixel characters, Nikki did a big wall piece, and I […]