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Hooligans for Life: How Rival Schools changed mine

At the time of United by Fate‘s release, I was mostly brooding about Jeff Buckley‘s death and listening to the Cure. Not only was I just starting to discover hidden jewels of the music world that had been unavailable to me until then, but unlike most kids my age, I had no understanding of why […]

Video of the Week #43

Often our memory tends to fail on us; I remember being a 13-year-old with dreams but I forget too easily the rest and how none of it was easy. Music really made its way into our lives then, carelessly, smashing everything to pieces, making us feel what there was to feel and, when we were […]

Arthur Lee’s Lullaby

It’s obviously not a secret that I have a massive crush on Walter Schreifels. You might (live on another planet and) not know his music, which I can forgive, if you give yourself a couple of minutes to watch this. Truly there’s nothing better than Walter exercising on a lawn. If you agree, and you […]

Video of the Week #30

No need to write for the 15 millionth time how in love I am with Walter Schreifels. Rival Schools are, after ten years, back on track (as in “reunited”) and will be on tour in Spring 2011, which I am obviously thrilled about. I’m a little partial to this video – after such a slick, […]