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Video Of the Week #53

The weekend was long, short, delightful, loud, and exhausting. There’s much to remember it by and much to write about it, but for now I’ll leave you with a beautiful video of one of my favorite local musicians. Happy Monday!

Goodbye, Blakfish

I found out yesterday that, sadly, Blakfish have broken up. I went to see them last year (in fact it was almost a whole year ago, time goes by way too fast..), it was my backup gig since I had not managed to get tickets to the Give it a Name festival on time. I […]

Werner Kitzmüller Trio @ rhiz

I dragged my friend N to this 7” release show on Monday, since we had an Ether magazine meeting AND we were in the area. Well, the first thing he said when Werner Kitzmüller Trio came on stage was, “this is depressing music. it makes me want to kill myself”. And this is sort of […]

paper bird @rhiz

I’d first planned on going because I miss going to small gigs of local bands. I’d heard some of Paper Bird‘s songs on her Myspace Site and, though I thought of it as nothing that special, I took a seat outside a pretty empty rhiz at 8PM last night. The only thing I would have […]