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time is all around.

I woke up with aching muscles (courtesy of standing for 6 hours yesterday, setting up cameras, filming and photographing here for this and then carrying ALL my equipment back home, not by car or public transport, but walking, because I am cool like that.. Anyway, it was a fun day nevertheless, and a really great […]

Work Ant and Busy Bee: of magical shows and exploding schedules

These have been some busy days.. Working two jobs, all the extra, on-the-side unpaid stuff I do which is related to music and art AND, on top of everything else, university work – it’s a little exhausting. Also, I find it difficult to concentrate lately. My mind wanders. I’ve just finished designing a flyer for […]

Spring (autumn?) cleaning

I’m doing the most boring thing in the world this weekend, which is to sort out through more and more papers, supplies, cloth, old clothes, books, to decide what to get rid of. Maybe someday, in a very distant future, I will be very minimalistic and stop collecting lots of junk. At least the music […]

the genius next door

I’ve been listening to this song so much. Like a lot of Regina’s songs, it’s cryptic and leaves much to interpretation. Some said the local lake had been enchanted Others said it must have been the weather The neighbors were trying to keep it quiet But I swear that I could hear the laughter So […]