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On Black Stars and True Love.

Back in my youth, in the days of Buckley obsession, I also fell hard for Radiohead‘s The Bends. Somehow, when I was 12 or 13, that record felt perfect from beginning to end; not a single track to be kept aside and thrown out. Albums like the Bends or Grace (or, more recently, Hospice and […]

Creepy Christmas

Certain days can bring the best to you, unexpected, out of the blue. I’m very glad to announce that the wonderful Heinali and Matt Finney have signed to Paradigms Recordings, which only by looking at their Best of 2010 list (Zola Jesus, Crystal Castles, Celeste, Silje Nes) seems like a very fitting collaborator for the […]

the best things in life are free

..well, not necessarily. But some are; and maybe with the arrival of summer, everyone is in a better mood, friendlier, nicer, and more generous. I know for sure that a couple of people (Jónsi, the Saddest Landscape, Lazy Acre Records, the Age of Rockets) are. Here’s a couple of links to a bunch of music-related […]

Leap Years

This month’s (or rather, last month’s – I am a bit late with my submission this time…) Monthly Mixtape theme was related to “Years”. Each song should be from a different year, with bonus points if these are consecutive years. There could be any variations on the theme as wanted, which made it pretty difficult […]