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Hooligans for Life: How Rival Schools changed mine

At the time of United by Fate‘s release, I was mostly brooding about Jeff Buckley‘s death and listening to the Cure. Not only was I just starting to discover hidden jewels of the music world that had been unavailable to me until then, but unlike most kids my age, I had no understanding of why […]

Video of the Week #48

With a sunny and warm weekend like the past one, it feels like summer is almost around the corner. Summer is always time for dirty punk shows, and whenever Death is Not Glamorous are on tour I get excited like a little fangirl. Their shows are always full of passion (and sweat..mmh…!) and make me […]

the bittersweetness of break-ups

And I’m not talking about love, here. Yes, love break-ups are sad, but eventually you get over it. Whereas a band not existing anymore (and 15 years later getting back together to make some extra cash, but that’s another story..) is utterly unbearable. Especially when they make amazing music and feel real, like Thousandaires. I […]

I’ll put your broken pieces back together.

I might have mentioned somewhere somehow ages ago my inability to like Rocky Votolato‘s new album because it was an ‘easy’ album, with everything in the ‘right place’. Zero anger, little to no politics: few things were left from the punk attitude I so loved in him. But maybe the reason why I was able […]