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believe in distance, believe in silence.

2010 will have been a great year for this composer from Kiev and poet from Alabama: the Heinali and Matt Finney machine is now in perpetual motion. Having started the year with their first collaborative release Town Line and moved onto solid ground with Lemonade, today is the day that their awaited third comes out. […]

Heinali & Matt Finney: Interview

Heinali and Matt Finney, one of my favorite music discoveries from this year, are releasing their third (!!) EP this weekend. In-between a promotion campaign gone not quite as planned and anticipation for their first music video (directed by the genius that is Freddie Lloyd, known in the music scene as Ursine Vulpine), we did […]

Having Lemonade in Autumn

Let us not lie; Autumn in Vienna doesn’t seem to exist. As soon as the Summer sun is gone, in comes a biting cold and a heavy sky; the proverbial Autumn rains, soaking one’s bones, are absent from the Austrian weather forecast. So here we are: the first days of October, slowly putting summer dresses […]


Mark November 15th in your calendar! Talons are to release their debut album that day on BSM; a mix of progressive and introspective noisy post-rock. To tell you the truth, I am quite the newbie when it comes to their music, but this song really got me. The album was recorded in Wales earlier this […]