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bleeding swans and crying fingers

There is a secret place we all call “Grandma’s House”; hidden among fields and forests in Eastern Norway, it’s a small white settlement that has become a base for some mysterious musical performances to the local youth. The darker, the better.. When I was first given the Twin Pines Mall demo, years ago, I remember […]

Hooligans for Life: How Rival Schools changed mine

At the time of United by Fate‘s release, I was mostly brooding about Jeff Buckley‘s death and listening to the Cure. Not only was I just starting to discover hidden jewels of the music world that had been unavailable to me until then, but unlike most kids my age, I had no understanding of why […]

Lateral Living

The Liverpool-based Carnival Kids, consisting among others of Andreas Westhagen (who you might remember me mentioning as one half, with Uno Møller, of hardcore band Twin Pines Mall)  have released their new single yesterday. Pulling influences from bands as diverse as Rival Schools, At the Drive-In, Rumble in Rhodos and early lostprophets, this brand new […]

Video of the Week #30

No need to write for the 15 millionth time how in love I am with Walter Schreifels. Rival Schools are, after ten years, back on track (as in “reunited”) and will be on tour in Spring 2011, which I am obviously thrilled about. I’m a little partial to this video – after such a slick, […]