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A karaoke-party with Tegan and Sara

I don’t care what anyone says: karaoke is simply awesome. Whether among friends at a birthday party in the basement of a club desperately flirting with the DJ to get that one Backstreet Boys track played or singing along with strangers in a small village in the middle of nowhere in Finland. And if you’re […]

you gave up on me, darling.

It all started with a glitchy, lazy synth-pop tune: If the vocals weren’t so clear and  hazily beautiful – think my beloved Audrey – the Canadian-Norwegian duo Bow To Each Other probably wouldn’t have gotten away with such a cheesy-sounding track that has everything in its melody we learned to dislike from the worst of […]

I’ll learn to live again.

There are a couple of musicians that always make me feel better in the worst of weathers and one of them is Luke Leighfield. I have a shirt that reads, “University taught me nothing that I couldn’t read on Wikipedia” and though it’s not quite true it’s a good way to laugh when I’m feeling […]

Bellman: Interview

With the release of his first album as well as his shows at Norway’s By:Larm, Larvik-based pop outfit Bellman has already made himself a bit of a name in the Scandinavian indie scene. His second album is due for release this week in the UK – mixing various influences and spreading itself across a variety […]