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by the time you come back, I’ll be sleeping

Oh God, I miss you too much. This movie reminds me of very good and very sad times. Eternal Sunshine will always be my #1 Michel Gondry movie, but the Science of Sleep is a close second; it’s so intense and cute and makes you want to pick up random little objects to create a […]

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

“All I remember of Cologne is that it’s cold and rainy,” I said to Michael who was sitting across of me on the train, as it was crossing the Rhine. A little further, as grand as the most famous German cathedral could be, I could make out the Koelner Dom. And to my left on […]

weekend sounds and hello cologne!

You know when you listen to the radio in the morning, half asleep, and there’s always some person who calls the station and wins something, and you think, “Gosh that’s never going to happen to me..?” Yeah, that’s me. My friend A, on the other hand, is always winning stuff. But the last two times […]

giovani e coglioni..

I guess the bands and songs with the most painful memories are the ones that will be remembered the longest. Saez is one of my favorite singer-songwriters for that exact reason. Jours Étranges (especially the song, but also the whole album) saved me in 2004, when I was going through a rough patch and didn’t […]