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On improvisation and tic-tac boxes

The last time I sat at a piano was a rather long time ago – at least a couple of months. Though growing up with a musically inclined father, my harpsichord lessons every Wednesday afternoon at the conservatory were my personal nightmare for years since I was five, until I moved to Vienna and gave […]


For reasons unknown to almost everyone, every time I hear of Minnesota, my heart skips a beat. More often than not, when I bumped into people from there (usually St. Paul or Minneapolis), I’d accidentally stop breathing. Even my neighbour when I lived in Norway happened to be from there and though he spoke too […]

day 26; a song that I can play on an instrument

Ouch. This is always a topic that hurts; I did learn to play instruments (harpsichord for eight years, piano and drums for a year each) but somehow, the music talent seed wasn’t rooted deep enough and it just didn’t grow at all. Sometime in my last years of high school, I did give up all […]