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Take Me Home

Perfume Genius seems to have found the right balance between very earnest sadness and straight-forward fun in his last couple of videos: proof is the latest one, Take Me Home. So much can be read between the lines in his new video – the fear of being left alone, the need to have fun until […]

Dark Parts

Yes, I’m one of those people who swooned when Put Your Back N 2 It came out, because it’s beautiful and delicate and a little different from Learning, a bit more complex, maybe, or easier to delve into.. Yesterday, this video for Dark Parts, one of my favorite tracks from the new Perfume Genius album, […]

you’d never call me baby, if you knew the truth.

Oh, the loveliness of Perfume Genius! It’s so bizarre to see he’s come so far since his debut, in fact, no, since before his debut, when he didn’t have a name or an album and people thought his music had been put out on the internet post-mortem. I love this song, it’s so heartbreaking. I […]

Winter and Snowflakes

It’s still winter, and it still snows.