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Goodbye August!

(a little roundup of what I should have blogged about, but didn’t) 1; making plansAngus & Julia Stone are coming to Europe in November. The closest they will be to Vienna is Munich, and I’m very set on going. There just isn’t any other alternative. 2; new and old releasesMy mailbox, heart and ears were […]

2009: Lists

With an approaching January 1st, the bloggers of the world are all busy making lists of the best records of the year, best records of the decade, best gigs of 2009.. having just gotten back from a semi-holiday (it was mostly visiting family and emptying an apartment, with lots of reading in between) I have […]


While in Paris last week, I dropped by the Centre Pompidou to take a look at some art. The Center is quite big and relatively new so I’d never been there before. I already knew half of the pieces exhibited in the permanent collection, either because I’d seen them in some of my classes (that’s […]

Hello Paris, Goodbye Paris

So I am back from the wonderful city I’ve learned to appreciate last year (mainly because of someone, but you know, it would still be beautiful, even without him) and I’ve seen and done and thought so much. the flight back was a pain, partly because I didn’t get to see everything and everyone I […]