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What We Talk About When We Talk About Music #6

One of the most beautiful things about music is that it can surprise you in many ways. I heard The Sixth Golden Ticket for the first time years ago and was stunned by its beauty and its desperation – but mostly, stunned by the fact I could quickly become that obsessed with a track which […]

A Trojan Horse; filled with presents

Christmas (don’t worry, in a couple of days I’ll finally stop talking about it..) is filled with presents for everyone. The local chanson-punk band Das Trojanische Pferd are releasing a new EP today, which will be available for FREE for the next 7 days. Amazing, right? Other local bands, such as Paper Bird, Laokoon Gruppe, […]

On Melancholy and Empty Flats

I have a history with Paper Bird concerts which goes a long, long way back; and maybe for this reason (and because of my world-known preference towards the old, the quirky, the quiet, the kitschy) Anna, the bird, invited me to a lovely and semi-private goodbye party. There is something weird about goodbye parties: you […]

Natureboy: Self-Titled

Sara Kermanshahi is a girl of Iranian descent who writes love songs with a twist. Meandering across shoegaze and acoustic-folk landscapes and reminiscent of Jenn Ghetto and the early Paper Bird, Natureboy makes her listeners fall into a sky-bound coma as they try to decipher words, sentences among the echoes. I’ve had this album (out […]