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Home is the place you miss.

It has been a very heavy and strange weekend; I was out buying film when the first mentions of the bomb explosion appeared on Friday afternoon. Somehow I was walking down the streets with Lupercalia in my ears, being oblivious to the music, trying to get in touch with everyone I knew who was in […]

Bellman: Interview

With the release of his first album as well as his shows at Norway’s By:Larm, Larvik-based pop outfit Bellman has already made himself a bit of a name in the Scandinavian indie scene. His second album is due for release this week in the UK – mixing various influences and spreading itself across a variety […]

Video of the Week #57

Late on the hip train as usual, considering that it is already Tuesday (Tuesday!) and that this video was out last week, causing a massive stir in the musical blogosphere, today’s Video of the Week is by Scandinavians Cold Mailman; quite clearly, Norwegians do it more than best. Apart from the fact that the video […]

Matias Faldbakken in Vienna.

In August 2009, as I was in Norway for a friend’s wedding, I happened to spend a couple of days in Oslo alone. Wanting to busy myself with Yet More Sightseeing, I decided to make a list of all the museums I’d never been to and select a couple of shows to go to; one […]