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day 08; a song that I know all the words to

Easily said, and even more easily done. I love this song so much, and the lyrics are so fckn  great.  

A chance to risk it all.

I’ve heard some terrible news today, and I’m not quite sure whether this is the right place to write about it. I’ve managed somewhat well keeping this blog for semi-important music and art and book news and posts, but I feel that which I’m about to share with every reader is important to many and […]

I thought life should be a chance to defeat statistics

This is easily one of the best songs ever written. seriously? I mean take a look at the lyrics pls: Why do we make it so hard? Why live our lives in distance? Why do we make it so hard? I thought life should be a chance to defeat statistics. I thought life should be […]

Leap Years

This month’s (or rather, last month’s – I am a bit late with my submission this time…) Monthly Mixtape theme was related to “Years”. Each song should be from a different year, with bonus points if these are consecutive years. There could be any variations on the theme as wanted, which made it pretty difficult […]